Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Polygonous. He lived in a small village in a faraway land and was known for being a bit of an oddball among his peers. The other children would often make fun of him and even exclude him from their games and activities.

Polygonous didn’t understand why the other kids didn’t like him. He was shy and quiet and not particularly outgoing, but he tried his best to fit in. He wanted to make friends and be accepted, but it seemed like no matter what he did, he was never quite able to do that.

One day, Polygonous found a strange looking stone in the nearby woods. Intrigued, he picked it up and took it home with him. When he got home, he showed it to his mother, who was surprised by the unusual object. She told him it was called a polygonous stone, and that it was a special gemstone that could bring good luck and fortune to whoever owned it.

Polygonous was excited by this news and kept the stone with him at all times, believing that it would bring him luck. He even began to wear it around his neck as a necklace, hoping that it would bring him the acceptance he so desperately craved.

Unfortunately, his luck didn’t seem to improve. The other children still laughed at him and excluded him from their games, no matter how hard he tried to be a part of them.

One day, after feeling particularly sad, Polygonous decided to go for a walk in the woods. As he walked, he began to think about all his troubles and how hard it was to get people to like him. Suddenly, he stumbled across a strange-looking tree with a shining, colorful stone at its base.

It was the same kind of stone as the one he was wearing around his neck! Polygonous was amazed and ran back home to show his mother. She was equally as impressed and explained to Polygonous that the tree he found was a special tree that only grew in places of luck and good fortune. She also explained that the stones around the base of the tree were called Polygonous stones, and that only those who were lucky and compassionate could find them.

Polygonous was filled with joy and ran back to the tree to collect as many of the stones as he could. He was determined to not only make himself lucky, but to share the luck with others too.

He went around his village, giving away the stones to anyone who was sad, lonely, or in need of luck. Soon, the people in the village began to recognize Polygonous for his kindness and generosity, and the other children began to accept Polygonous and include him in their activities.

Polygonous had achieved the acceptance and luck he had been looking for, all thanks to the special stone he had found in the woods.

Moral of the story: True luck and fortune can be found in kindness and generosity. Those who are compassionate and generous will be rewarded with luck, acceptance and friendship.

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