Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there were many different types of trees. The Podocarpineae trees towered over the other trees, with their strong, large trunks and branches that seemed to go on forever towards the sky. They were the grandest trees in the forest.

One day, a group of young saplings sprouted from the ground, each with big dreams of becoming a grand Podocarpineae tree. They all grew taller and taller, reaching for the heavens with their little branches. As they grew, they began to compare themselves to each other, each one trying to be the best.

The first sapling grew the tallest, but was thin and unstable. The second grew the widest, but had small branches. The third grew slow and steady, but didn’t stand out in any way. And the fourth had the most beautiful leaves, but the trunk was crooked.

The young saplings spent all their days comparing themselves to one another, trying to outdo each other and become the grandest tree in the forest. They didn’t notice the beauty around them or acknowledge the uniqueness of their fellow trees.

As time passed, a devastating storm swept through the forest, wreaking havoc on all the trees. The tallest sapling crashed to the ground, the widest lost most of its branches. The slow and steady didn’t make it through the heavy winds, and the tree with the crooked trunk was destroyed.

Only one tree remained standing tall and graceful in the aftermath of the storm – the sapling that had grown slowly and steadily. It faced many challenges during the storm, but its strength and resilience made it through. The other trees realized that they had been too focused on comparing themselves to each other, and failed to prepare for the real challenges that life can bring.

The tree that grew slowly and steadily became the grandest Podocarpineae tree in the forest, standing tall and strong, with a beautiful symmetrical shape and gorgeous leaves.

The moral of the story is that we must focus on what we can do and be content with our own growth rather than constantly comparing ourselves to others. It is only when we recognize and appreciate our own unique qualities and strengths that we can become truly great.

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