Once upon a time, there was a kind and wise philosopher named Plotinic. He lived in the ancient city of Rome, in the time of great thinkers and great empires. He was known for his wisdom, his knowledge, and the compassionate way he treated those around him.

One day, Plotinic decided to go for a walk in the woods. As he made his way through the wood, he came across a pond. He noticed a small frog on the edge of the pond and he stopped to admire it. The small frog looked sad, and Plotinic felt compassion for the creature. He knelt down and asked the frog why it looked so sad. The frog replied that it was worried because it had a long way to travel and no one to help it.

Plotinic had always believed in helping those in need, so he offered to carry the frog on his back. The frog leapt onto his shoulder and the two began the long journey.

As they walked, Plotinic asked the frog why it was in such a hurry. The frog said it wanted to get to a special place and asked Plotinic to guess where it was going. Plotinic guessed a few places but all his guesses were wrong. He then asked the frog to tell him where it was going.

The little frog answered that it was going to a place of eternal bliss where no sadness or worry existed. Plotinic was intrigued, but he pressed on and eventually reached the destination. When the two of them arrived, Plotinic was amazed. Before them was a place of beauty and peace – the kind of place that could only exist if one was in tune with the soul and the spirit.

Plotinic was moved by the beauty of the place and thanked the little frog for taking him there. The frog then told Plotinic that this was a special place beyond human knowledge and understanding. It was a place of eternal bliss, not because of the physical beauty, but because of the knowledge, understanding and peace it brought to those who experienced it. The frog said that this was the kind of knowledge and understanding Plotinic was seeking and that it was his destiny to find it.

Plotinic thanked the frog again and said goodbye. He spent the rest of his days in the place of eternal bliss, learning, understanding and sharing his knowledge with others.

The moral of the story is that there is always something beautiful and meaningful to be found in life, even if it is not immediately obvious. Everyone is on a journey to attain knowledge, understanding and peace and Plotinic’s story is a reminder for all of us to be open to the beauty we encounter along the way.

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