Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there lived a tree named Platypus. Platypus was a unique tree as its leaves had an unusual shape. The leaves were large and circular, which helped the tree to capture plenty of sunlight. It was a beautiful tree and was admired by all the other trees in the forest.

The forest was home to many animals, birds, and insects. They all loved spending time near the Platypus tree. The birds used to build their nests on its branches, and the animals used to rest in the shade provided by the tree. The insects used to feast on the nectar produced by its beautiful flowers.

One day, a group of kids were playing in the forest when they noticed the Platypus tree. They were fascinated by its unusual shape and started climbing the tree. They plucked some leaves, flowers, and branches. The tree cried in pain, and the other trees in the forest also felt sad for Platypus.

Days passed, and the kids continued their adventure in the forest. They would go to the Platypus tree every time and pluck some more leaves and flowers. The poor tree was now weak and lost its beautiful leaves and flowers. It was no longer an attractive tree.

One day, one of the kids noticed that the tree had become barren, and there was not a single leaf left on it. The kid felt guilty and didn’t know what to do. The other kids also realized their mistake and felt ashamed of their actions.

Feeling remorseful, the kids decided to bring back the beautiful Platypus tree. They started by watering the tree and taking care of it every day. Slowly and steadily, the tree gained its strength back. It started growing new leaves and flowers.

The kids were thrilled to see that the Platypus tree’s old glory had been restored. They promised to take care of the tree and never hurt it again. The other trees in the forest also realized the importance of looking after each other and started taking care of each other as well.

And this is how the little group of kids learned the valuable lesson of being responsible and taking care of the environment. They realized that every living thing is interconnected and one action can have devastating effects. The Platypus tree taught them that by caring for each other, we can create a beautiful, harmonious world.

Moral of the story: It is our responsibility to take care of nature and all its elements. Every living being has an important role to play in creating a beautiful and sustainable environment. We should treat everyone and every living thing with respect and kindness.

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