Once upon a time there was a small, magical town called Ashtana located in the middle of a version of magical forest. It was a peaceful town, full of good-natured people and creatures, with a few exceptions.

One of these exceptions was a small dragon, known as Plasmatorrhexis, who was notorious for causing chaos and destruction. Everyone in the town had heard stories of Plasmatorrhexis’s mischievous acts and had come to fear the small creature.

One day, a group of brave souls decided to take on Plasmatorrhexis and try to stop him from causing any more trouble. They split into two teams, each with a different plan of attack.

The first group snuck into the dragon’s cave and attempted to distract him with a song. As Plasmatorrhexis began to dance around in the cave, the other group set off a loud fireworks display outside. This created a great amount of commotion and caused the dragon to fly out of his cave in a fit of panic.

The group then surrounded Plasmatorrhexis and tried to reason with him. They explained that his actions were causing a great disturbance to the people of Ashtana, and that he must cease any more of his misbehaviors.

At first Plasmatorrhexis was unwilling to listen, but after seeing the determination of the group, he eventually agreed to stop causing trouble. He flew away, but not before having a few kind words for the group about the importance of being kind to others.

The group was elated, and the people of Ashtana could sleep safely at night knowing that Plasmatorrhexis had been stopped from causing any more trouble.

It is said that this story of Plasmatorrhexis and the brave group of people serves as an example of how a positive attitude, understanding and kindness can be used to win even the most difficult of battles.

Moral of the story: Being kind, understanding and positive will help us win even the toughest of battles.

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