Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Pipped. Pipped was a very curious and adventurous boy. He wanted to explore the world and its wonders.

One day, Pipped asked his parents if he could go outdoors and explore the neighbourhoods near his house. His parents were reluctant but Pipped was so eager and persuasive that his parents finally agreed and gave him permission to go outside.

Pipped couldn’t wait to begin his journey. He put on his cap, grabbed his sling bag and went out of the house. He started walking and exploring the streets, the buildings and the people he crossed paths with.

He then reached a park and decided to take a break and sit down on one of the benches near the lake. As he was admiring the beauty of the lake, he noticed a bird’s nest on a nearby tree. He got excited and decided to take a closer look.

As Pipped got nearer to the nest, he noticed that one of the eggs was cracked open and a little chick was struggling to come out. With his help and effort, the little bird came out of the egg and Pipped decided to save the little chick and adopted it as his pet.

He named the little chick Pip and took it home. Pipped and Pip soon became inseparable. Pipped took care of the little bird, fed it and even taught it a few tricks. He enjoyed every moment spent with Pip and he even shared his stories and adventures with it.

Days passed by and Pipped began to notice that Pip was growing bigger and bigger. Pipped was happy for Pip as he knew that at last, he was getting the freedom to fly and explore the world like he had once wanted to.

Finally, the day came when Pip was ready to fly. Pipped was sad to let Pip go but he knew that it was time for both of them to part ways. He looked at the little bird and said, “My friend, we have spent some wonderful days together and I know that you must go now to explore the world. I know you will always remember me and come back to me someday.”

Pipped watched as Pip flew away, and he couldn’t help but feel proud of what he had done. He had given a chance at life to a dying bird, and he was rewarded with a friend in return.

Moral of the story:

The moral of the story is that even the smallest act of kindness can bring about a big change. Moreover, if you care for someone, you should be willing to let them go when the time is right.

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