Once upon a time, there lived a village of children deep in the forest. The children all got along very well and were all very close friends, but there was one thing that set them apart from each other: their piercingness.

The children all had different levels of piercingness. Some had bright, colorful piercings, while others had simple studs. No matter the variety, everyone could tell the difference between the different levels of piercingness.

One day, the children noticed that one of their friends, a girl named Lila, did not have any piercings. The children quickly started to poke and prod her in an attempt to get her to get a piercing.

“Come on, Lila,” they said. “You need to get a piercing to fit in with us!”

At first, Lila was very hesitant. After all, piercings can hurt and she was not sure if she was ready to do it. But her friends kept pestering her, and eventually she decided to go to a piercing studio to get a simple stud.

When Lila returned with her piercing, the other children were amazed. She looked so cool and edgy with her new look. Everyone wanted to be like her, and soon all the other children were running off to get piercings of their own.

The moral of this story is that it is important to be yourself, no matter how different or unique you may be. It is also important to accept and appreciate the differences in others. Being different doesn’t mean that you don’t fit in, it just means that you bring something special to the table.

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