Once upon a time there lived a little kid called Pict. Pict was a small and cheerful kid, who always had a smile on his face and was full of energy and enthusiasm.

Pict lived with his parents in a small village. Every village had a yearly festival and the main attraction was a huge ball of colourful wool. Every year during the festival, the villagers would cut out colourful shapes from the wool and attach them onto a huge tree.

One year, on the eve of the festival, Pict’s parents had gone to bed early so he decided to sneak out and explore the tree covered in colourful shapes. He was in awe of the beauty of the tree and felt so happy and excited.

As he was admiring the tree, he heard a small voice coming from inside the wool ball. It was a fairy named Phyl, who was trapped inside. She begged Pict to help her escape so she could take part in the festival.

Pict obediently tried his best to free the fairy but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to manage it. Phyl thanked him for his efforts and told him that she had been stuck in the wool for many years and was desperately trying to find a way out.

Pict was filled with pity for the poor fairy and he decided to stay up all night and work on getting her out. After a few hours of hard work, he was able to free her. Phyl thanked him for his kindness and said that as a reward she would grant him one wish.

Pict thought for a moment and said, “I wish that everyone in my village spread love and happiness!”

Phyl happily granted his wish and said that the power of love could never be underestimated. She asked Pict to spread the same message of love and care to everyone he met.

Pict vowed to keep this promise. He started with his parents and then spread the message to all his friends, classmates and neighbours. Everywhere he went, he spread the message of love and kindness.

Soon the whole village was filled with peace and harmony and everyone was living in contentment.

Moral: The power of love can bring joy to everyone around us. Let us spread the message of love and kindness to all.

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