Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived two friends named Ashish and Rohit. Ashish belonged to the Phratriac community, whereas Rohit was from a different community. Despite their backgrounds, the two friends shared a strong bond and were always there for each other.

One day, the village faced a huge crisis in the form of a severe drought. The crops were dying, and the villagers were running out of food and water. Ashish knew that his community had the expertise in water conservation and could help the village overcome the crisis. However, the head of the Phratriac community, who had a deep-seated grudge against the other communities, refused to help.

With no other hope in sight, Ashish went to Rohit and requested him to put aside their differences and help the village. Rohit understood the gravity of the situation and immediately agreed to help. With Ashish’s assistance, they managed to convince the other communities to come together and work towards a common goal.

Soon, the villagers were able to dig wells and create water storage reservoirs, which helped them tide over the drought. The villagers were full of gratitude towards Ashish and Rohit and recognized their efforts in saving the village.

However, the Phratriac community head was not pleased with Ashish’s actions and summoned him to explain himself. Ashish stood his ground and explained that the village came first, and it was important to work towards a common goal instead of being divided by differences. His words struck a chord with the head, who had a change of heart and agreed to change his mindset.

The village prospered after the drought, and the bond between the different communities grew stronger. Ashish and Rohit continued to be best friends, setting an example of how friendship can overcome cultural and social differences.

The moral of the story is that it is important to put aside our differences and work together towards a common goal. Our differences should not define us, but instead, we should focus on what we have in common and work towards a harmonious society. Encouraging collaboration and understanding helps in overcoming prejudices and making our world a better place.

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