Once upon a time there lived a brave and hardworking little boy named Jomay. Jomay was very close to his family and especially his grandmother who he refers to as Nana.

Nana was a very wise and elderly lady who had seen and experienced a lot in her lifetime. She was an amazing story-teller and Jomay loved just listening to her stories.

One day when Jomay was visiting Nana, she told him about a curious condition called pharyngoplegy. She said it was a condition that caused a person’s throat to close up whenever a certain emotion was experienced. This amazed Jomay and he asked Nana if she knew anyone who had this condition.

Nana then told Jomay the story of a friend of hers who she knew when she was growing up. Her friend’s name was Jamsheen and he suffered greatly because of his pharyngoplegy. Whenever he felt an intense emotion, his throat would suddenly close up and he was unable to speak or breathe.

Nana said Jamsheen’s pharyngoplegy was so severe that he had to be hospitalized for a few weeks every now and then. During those times, he was treated with medication and oxygen, but the condition still remained.

Jomay felt deeply saddened for Jamsheen when his Nana told him about his situation. He felt so much empathy for the man that he made a silent promise to himself to always be kind and considerate to everyone he met in life.

Nana then looked Jomay in the eyes and said: “My sweet grandchild, remember this always: be kind to others and don’t judge them by their physical conditions. And just because one cannot speak out loud, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a voice”.

Jomay nodded and said: “I will always remember this Nana, thank you”.

Moral of the story: Everyone has their own unique struggles and conditions, and we should always be kind and considerate towards them. Our voices may be different, but the message remains the same—love and respect for all.

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