Once upon a time, there lived a small village, not too far away from a mighty forest. In this village, lived a wise old man, who was a renowned village elder, revered and respected by all. He was known to be quite a knowledgeable man, wise beyond his years.

One day, the village was visited by a strange figure. It was a small creature, one no one had ever seen before. It had a long, thin body, with many legs, and large wings. The village children had never seen anything like it before, and they were all very curious.

The old man, however, recognized the creature immediately. It was a phalera – a creature from the forest, extremely rare and mysterious. He told the children its story.

The phalera was once a beautiful butterfly, but it ate a fruit from a magical tree in the forest, and it was transformed into its current form. The fruit gave the phalera special powers, the ability to fly and to see the future. It was said that if one were to capture this creature, they would be able to make all of their dreams come true.

The village children were fascinated by the story of the phalera. They wanted to capture it, and they made plans to do so. But the old man warned them not to, saying that it was too dangerous, and the consequences would be too great. He reminded them that if the creature had been changed by the magical fruit, it would have to be returned back to the forest.

Desperate, the village children didn’t listen to the wise old man. They made a net, and set it up near the forest. The phalera was drawn to its sweet scent, and it flew right into the net. The children had successfully captured the mysterious creature.

The old man was furious, and he warned them once again to not harm the creature. But the children were too excited about their triumph, and the thought of making their dreams come true, so they didn’t heed his warning.

The old man was saddened by their stubbornness. He realized that the only way to protect the phalera was to set it free on his own. So he set out for the forest, and returned the phalera to its home. The children were disappointed, but knew that the old man had made the right decision.

Moral of the story: It is important to respect nature and the creatures that inhabit it. Greed has no place in the world of nature, and attempting to capture something as rare and special as the phalera can cause great harm to the environment and those who inhabit it.

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