Once upon a time, there was a small family of four living in a small town in Israel. They were the Jacobson family – Mark, Maria, Shelly, and Joshua. Every year, the Jacobson family would look forward to the celebration of the Jewish holiday, Passover (also known as Pesach).

It was the morning of Passover, and the family was busy preparing for the special day. Maria cooked traditional foods for the seder meal, such as matzah and charoset. Shelly and Joshua were helping their mother in the kitchen, and Mark was outside playing ball with the neighborhood kids.

As everyone was getting into the spirit of Pesach, a mysterious stranger knocked at the door. It was a stranger dressed in a long robe and a large hat. He introduced himself as Rabbi Elijah, and said that he had been sent by the Lord to help the Jacobsons celebrate their holiday. He had a special gift for them – a magical bowl of manna.

Rabbi Elijah instructed the family to put a spoonful of the manna into each of their cups at the seder table. As they began to do so, he explained that the manna was a special food that had been given to Israelites during their exodus from Egypt. According to the Rabbi, the manna symbolized the fact that God had provided sustenance for his people in times of need.

And so, the Jacobsons all enjoyed their meal with the manna in their cups. They were filled with joy because of the special gift given to them by the Lord.

At the end of the meal, Rabbi Elijah gave the family a lesson about the importance of Passover. He explained that it was not only a celebration of freedom from slavery in Egypt, but it was also a reminder to be grateful and remember the blessings of God. He told them that Passover was a time to be thankful and mindful of God’s goodness and kindness.

The Jacobson family thanked Rabbi Elijah for his special gift, and they took his words to heart. From that day forward, they made sure to remember to be thankful for all their blessings and to celebrate the joy of Passover.

Moral: Remember to give thanks and be grateful for all our blessings. Celebrate the joy of Passover and be mindful of God’s goodness and kindness.

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