Once upon a time, there was a small village in the countryside of India. The people of the village were living a peaceful and happy life.

One day, a clever young boy named Akash moved to the village with his family. He was the brightest kid in the village and always had something to say. Everyone in the village respected him and looked to him for advice.

One day, Akash and his friends were playing outside in the village when they saw a man passing by. The man was an old travelling merchant and he was selling some goods.

The boys were immediately excited and started to ask the merchant for the goods. They were all asking for different things and arguing over the prices. Akash saw what was happening, and he knew that the merchant was not going to give them a good deal because he saw that the kids were so eager to buy.

So Akash stepped in and spoke to the merchant. He explained to him that they were all good kids, but they weren’t able to go elsewhere to buy the goods, so if the merchant wanted to do good business he should be reasonable with the prices.

The merchant was impressed by Akash’s persuasiveness and agreed to the deal. He gave the kids the goods at the agreed price and everyone was happy.

From that day, Akash’s friends and the people in the whole village looked up to him. They all knew that Akash was intelligent and persuasive and it was these qualities that made him special.

The moral of the story is that being persuasive and calm in difficult situations can help you achieve great outcomes.

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