Once upon a time there lived an unusual creature called Peridinian. He was a most unusual creature because he had wings like a butterfly but the body of a small mouse. He dwelt in a small and cozy home in the middle of a bright, sunny meadow.

Peridinian was very small and quite timid. All he wanted was to make a difference in the world, but he was too afraid to take the first step. Every day, he scuttled around the meadow, never straying too far from his home, and gathering seeds and plants to feed himself.

One day, Peridinian was out gathering food when he came to a small pond in the middle of the meadow. There, he saw a family of ducks swimming and playing in the water. Peridinian was so taken aback by the sight that he almost forgot about his mission. He admired their carefree attitude and their joyous laughter.

At that moment, Peridinian was struck with an amazing idea. He could help these ducks out of the pond by providing them a bridge to fly over it. After all, he had wings himself and knew how it felt to be restricted by such barriers.

The next day, Peridinian set to work gathering dead twigs and vegetation to build a bridge. He worked tirelessly all day and night until he had enough material to construct a safe and secure bridge.

Finally, Peridinian was ready to show his masterpiece. When he unveiled it, the ducks were awestruck. They waddled through the bridge and beyond, their wings flapping in excitement. They thanked Peridinian for giving them the means to get to new places.

Peridinian, who was usually too shy to do anything, found a newfound pride in himself for accomplishing something worthwhile. He realized that even though he was small, he could still have a big impact. He learned to have faith in himself and that even the smallest act of kindness can make a difference.

The moral of this story is that we should always have faith in ourselves, no matter how small we are. Every small act of kindness can make a difference, just like Peridinian’s bridge. We should never forget that we are capable of great things, no matter our size or abilities.

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