Once upon a time there lived a small village far away from the city Darakle. It was just a small village, where people were living quite happily. The village was very peaceful and there were no problems of any sort. In the village there lived a family named Parsony.

The Parsony family had five members- father, mother, two sons, and one daughter. Parsony’s father was a very hardworking man and he used to make ends meet by doing odd jobs around the village. His mother used to take care of the household and make sure that the children get enough food and education. The two sons were very young and they both used to help their father during his work.

The daughter of Parsony was the youngest of the family. Her name was Susy and she was the apple of her father’s eye. She was a very bright and intelligent girl and her father used to take pride in her. Parsony’s father used to treat Susy like a princess and he was always full of admiration for her.

One day, Parsony was going to the nearby town to meet a distant relative. He asked his daughter Susy to accompany him for the journey. Susy was very happy as she had never been out of the village before. She was so excited that she could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

The journey was not an easy one. It was a long road and it was full of bumps and potholes. But, Parsony and Susy kept on walking until they reached their destination. As they reached their destination they saw a very beautiful sight. There were tall mountains, green fields, and clear blue skies.

Susy was in awe and she couldn’t believe that such a place existed. She was so mesmerised that she started crying out of joy. Parsony was also very glad to see such a beautiful place. He was so proud of his daughter that he hugged her tightly.

They stayed for a few days and experienced the beauty of that place. They enjoyed the fresh air, the food, and the beautiful scenery of the place. After some days, it was time to say goodbye and they started the journey back home.

The journey back was not as difficult as it was on the way there. They had a wonderful journey and Susy couldn’t help but keep thinking about the beautiful place she had experienced.

When Parsony and Susy reached home, it was dark and cold. Everyone was very happy to see them back. Parsony’s mother hugged him tightly and asked him to tell her about their journey. Parsony told his mother about the beautiful place they had seen and Susy couldn’t stop talking about it.

Parsony’s mother was very proud of her daughter and she thanked Parsony for taking her on such a wonderful journey. Parsony smiled and said that he was simply following his father’s example – to nurture and love his children and give them the best life possible.

Moral: It is important to nurture and love your children and give them the best life possible.

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