Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a young girl named Astra. Astra was a bright, hardworking girl who was loved by all the people in the village. Astra was very curious about her family and often asked her parents who her grandparents were, but they never gave her an answer. Astra was very frustrated by this and one day she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Astra’s parents both worked and were often too busy to spend much time with her. So, one day when they were out of the house, she decided to find out more about her parents. She searched the whole house, look through her parent’s documents, but there was nothing. She was so frustrated that she decided to go to the village library to see if she could find any clues.

At the library Astra found an old book with a list of all the people who lived in the village. She read through the list and found her parents’ names. But there was no mention of any grandparents. However, something caught Astra’s eye. Next to her parent’s names was an unfamiliar name, a woman named Felixa.

Astra was curious as to who this woman was and why she was listed as her parent’s relative. She asked the librarian about Felixa but he couldn’t provide any answers. Astra was determined to find out more about Felixa and so she set off for the house of Felixa.

At Felixa’s house, Astra was warmly welcomed and she soon found out that Felixa was actually her grandmother. Felixa had been estranged from Astra’s parents for many years. She had tried in vain to keep in contact with them but they had refused to reply. Felixa had also been living in constant fear that her grandchildren would one day discover her secret.

Astra was overjoyed to finally know her grandmother and they quickly became very close. Astra started visiting Felixa every day and discovered that before she had been estranged from the family, Felixa had been highly influential and respected in the village.

Astra’s parents were very happy for her to have her grandmother in her life and the whole family finally reunited.

The moral of the story is that family is not always about blood ties. When we seek knowledge and understanding, we discover that even people we think are strangers can actually be part of our family.

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