Once upon a time, there was a small village called Parallelly by the edge of the forest. It was peaceful and content, filled with children that played in the fields and adults that worked hard to make ends meet.

One particular day, a group of children were running around and playing hide and seek in the fields around the village. Suddenly one of the children, named Add, had an idea. He noticed that, far away in the distance, there were two separate hills and, if he walked up one of them, he could see the other one from a different angle.

He suggested the other children go up both hills at the same time, so that they could communicate with each other. Since it was a sunny day and the idea sounded like fun, all the kids agreed.

So, Add and his friends ran off in different directions, each one climbing up one of the two hills. When they reached the top, they were amazed to see how they could see each other, even though they were very far apart.

They started waving and shouting to each other, and even tried throwing rocks back and forth. Add’s group on the one hill soon realized that by communicating with the other group, they could move faster and coordinate their games better.

Suddenly, Add’s group felt like they had been given a superpower. Here they were, two separate groups of children on two separate hills, but they were connected. It was like they were working together on a single team, despite being apart.

The thought of working together as one team filled Add’s heart with joy, and from then on the children from Parallelly started to form teams and complete tasks parallelly. Soon, Add’s village of Parallelly was known for completing any task faster and better than other villages in the area.

The moral of the story is that no matter how far apart we are, or how different we seem, we can always come together and work as one to accomplish great things. Working together as one team is always more powerful than working separately.

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