Once upon a time, there was a little mouse named Palaeothentidae. He was a small but brave mouse who lived in a small mouse nest deep in the forest. He lived with his family, his mother and father and his two brothers.

One night, while the family was sleeping, Palaeothentidae was awoken by a noise outside the nest. He was curious and followed the sound which led him down a path towards a nearby pond. As Palaeothentidae looked around the pond, he noticed a small bird struggling in the water. It seemed to be stuck on a piece of twig.

Palaeothentidae immediately knew what he had to do and without hesitation, he jumped in the water and began to swim towards the bird. With determination, he managed to free the bird from the twig and help it get back to shore. After helping the bird, Palaeothentidae started to make his way back home.

But as he was almost back, he heard a loud roar coming from the nearby forest. Alarmed, he hid behind a tree and cautiously looked around. To his surprise, he saw an enormous bear walking towards him. The bear was clearly looking for something, and Palaeothentidae knew he would have to act fast.

Without much thought, Palaeothentidae quickly ran towards the bear and started to nip at its feet. Startled by the little mouse, the bear growled and ran away. When the bear was gone, Palaeothentidae sighed in relief and started to make his way back home.

Once back at the nest, his family was shocked to see him. Everyone was so proud of him for his brave act and for saving the bird from drowning.

Moral: No act of kindness is ever too small. Always be brave and help those in need.

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