Once upon a time there was a young girl named Suzie. Suzie had grown up in a small town and had big dreams of one day becoming famous. She had always been eager to learn and tried her best to succeed at whatever she put her mind to.

One day, Suzie stumbled across a rare, ancient book in her local library. It was about the philosophy of the power of positive thinking. Intrigued, Suzie read the book cover to cover and was amazed at the ideas contained within it, which she saw as having the potential to unlock her dreams and ambitions.

Suzie, who had already been ambitious and hardworking, was further inspired by the words of the book and set out to make all her dreams come true. She started to take on more and more tasks and responsibilities in order to prove her worth and be seen as successful. Soon, she had become the best in her field.

But the more successes she achieved, the more Suzie began to become full of herself. She looked down on her peers and felt superior to them, believing that her success meant that she was above them in every way.

Such overweening pride can be dangerous, however. One day, Suzie was walking through town when she was met with a flood of disapproval from the people she had looked down upon.

They reminded her of the message that was contained in the book she had read all so long ago: “Pride comes before the fall.”

Moral of the Story: Pride can be dangerous if taken too far, as it can lead to becoming full of oneself and looking down on others. One must always be aware of how their actions and attitude affect others.

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