Once upon a time, there lived an old farmer and his wife. The farmer and his wife had a son named Jack. Although they were not very well off, one thing they had plenty of was love and care for each other.

Jack was a hard working young man and was always helping his parents on their farm. But he was also very curious and independent. He loved going for walks alone in the woods and exploring the nature around him.

One day, Jack was walking in the woods when he stumbled across a large, old oak tree. Its powerful branches spread wide, reaching out to the sky. Its leaves were like a canopy, providing shade from the hot summer sun.

Jack was mesmerized by the majestic tree. He wanted to climb up and see what it had to offer. Despite his parents’ warnings, Jack decided to climb the old tree and see what was on top.

When Jack reached the top, he was met by a large, fierce eagle. The eagle eyed him up and down, as if evaluating him. Jack was frightened, but he didn’t move. He stayed there, frozen in place and a bit awe-struck, until the eagle finally spoke.

“You have come to the wrong place, little one. This is my tree and you are not welcome here. Go away and never come back.”

Jack knew he had overstepped his boundaries and acting without permission did not endear him to the eagle. He was deeply ashamed of his impulsive behaviour and he knew that he had to leave and not come back.

Jack descended from the tree and vowed never to do something like that again. He was sad that he had not been able to explore the tree and what it had to offer, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

Jack went back to his parents and told them what had happened. His parents scolded him for being so reckless but also praised him for listening to the eagle’s warning. They reminded Jack that it is never wise to go somewhere or do something without permission or else one could find themselves in a lot of trouble.

Moral: Acting without permission can lead to trouble and it is important to seek permission before doing something.

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