Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Jess who had a condition called Osteodermal. It was a rare genetic disorder which resulted in Jess having brittle bones. She couldn’t do much of what the other children did and something as small as a fall could mean a broken arm or leg.

Jess wanted to go out and play like everyone else, but her condition made it difficult. But she was determined not to let it keep her down, so she found ways to make small adjustments that allowed her to have fun in her own way.

Instead of running and playing with her friends, she would take a walk, enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of nature. Whenever she had the chance, she would take her wheelchair outside and explore the world around her.

Her family, friends and community were all very supportive of her, appreciating the effort she was making to stay as active as possible despite her condition. It made her so happy to see how everyone was so understanding.

One day, while Jess was out exploring, she came across a wheelchair basketball court. She was fascinated by how fast and agile the players were, wheeling around and doing amazing moves. She decided to try it out and was quickly surprised by how much she was able to do with her chair. She became increasingly skilled at the sport and before long, Jess was chosen to join the local wheelchair basketball team.

Jess was ecstatic and she quickly became a star of the team. Even her opponents were in awe of her skills and would often come up to her after the game to congratulate her on her performance.

Jess’s condition never held her back, and instead she used it to her advantage. She was determined to prove to everyone that no matter what condition one has, they can succeed in whatever they set their mind to.

The moral of the story is that even if the odds are stacked against you, with the right attitude and determination, you will reach your goals and make a difference. Everyone has the power to overcome their obstacles and reach new heights.

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