Once upon a time there was a very special frog called Bill. Bill was no ordinary frog as he happened to belong to a group of frogs with very special abilities, the ophiobatrachia.

Bill was a bright young frog and his group had the ability to see in the dark, something that none of the other frogs could do. Everyone around the pond was in awe of them and would often gather around to watch the frogs in their fascinating display of agility and grace.

One day, Bill was out exploring the pond when he noticed something strange by the edge of the water. It looked like a tiny little creature but he couldn’t quite make out what it was.

He hopped closer and saw that it was a tiny little frog, barely the size of his little finger. It had been separated from its family and was crying out for help.

Bill was filled with compassion and he immediately decided to help the little frog. He gathered up the little frog and brought it back to the pond.

The other ophiobatrachia welcomed the little frog with open arms and immediately started looking after it. The little frog was so grateful and kept thanking Bill for his kindness.

Everyone in the pond was amazed by this act of selflessness and courage that Bill had displayed.

What was even more admirable is that Bill had done all this even though he didn’t know the little frog, or even its species. He had just followed his heart, and done the right thing.

This kind act by Bill set a great example for the other frogs, and from that day forward, they all began to look after one another.

Moral: Kindness and courage are the best qualities a person can have. Everyone should strive to act with selflessness and courage, no matter the situation. Helping others without expecting anything in return is always a noble thing to do.

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