Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Offcut. She was a fun-loving, thoughtful and adventurous little girl who loved life and wished for nothing more than to explore and have a good time. One day, as she was out exploring with her friends, she came across a pile of off-cuts. Offcut was intrigued by them and decided to take a closer look.

To her amazement, she found that the off-cuts were actually pieces of wood and metal that had been cut off of larger objects and discarded. It wasn’t until she started looking closely at them that she realized the potential of these off-cuts. She saw that the off-cuts were perfect for creating new objects.

Offcut was so excited, she started to collect as many off-cuts as she could and began to build various things with them. She created all sorts of things such as toys, furniture and a dollhouse. She had so much fun creating these things that she decided to sell them at the local market.

As time passed, more and more people started to appreciate Offcut’s work and her creations became quite popular. People from all walks of life started to buy her creations and she was able to make a good living from her craft.

One day, Offcut was approached by a rich man who wanted to buy her entire collection of off-cuts. He offered her an extremely generous sum of money for them. Offcut was tempted by the offer, but she refused to sell.

She told the man that she wanted to use the off-cuts to create things for herself and others. She said that it made her feel good to create her own creations and to help others do the same.

The rich man was very impressed by Offcut’s generosity and kind-heartedness. He told her that he admired her dedication to helping others and that he considered her a true role model.

Moral of the story : We should always use our resources to help those in need, rather than for personal pleasures.

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