Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Obviable. He had a wild imagination and loved to explore nature and help out his family.

Obviable lived with his parents and two siblings in a small village near the woods. He loved spending time outside in the woods, helping his family and neighbors with chores. Every day he would help gather firewood, help his dad with the cattle, and play with his siblings.

One day, Obviable and his siblings decided to explore the woods. They wandered deeper and deeper into the dense forest, until they stumbled across an old abandoned cottage. Being eager children, they decided to explore the old cottage. They ran around, looking at everything and feeling adventurous.

Eventually, they made their way to the back of the cottage, where they found an old wooden box. Cautiously, they opened the box and inside they found a golden egg. Obviable and his siblings were very excited and couldn’t believe their luck.

They all ran home to show their parents and bragged about their discovery. However, their parents were not impressed and told them that they should take the egg back to where they found it. Obviable and his siblings were disappointed, but they did as their parents said and returned the egg back where they found it.

When Obviable and his siblings returned back home, their parents were surprised and proud of them for following their advice. They explained that taking something that wasn’t theirs was wrong, and that it was important to respect other people’s belongings.

Obviable learnt a valuable lesson that day – that it’s important to respect other people’s belongings, and to not take something that isn’t yours.

Moral: Respect other people’s belongings and never take something that isn’t yours.

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