Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there lived two powerful witches – Nullipore and her sister Adipore. Nullipore was a benevolent witch who used her magic to help the kingdom’s people, while her sister was cruel and selfish, wishing only to use her magic to gain power and wealth.

The king of the kingdom was aware of the witches’ powers, and so he asked Nullipore to help him with a magical task. He told her to create a magical shield around his castle that would protect his people from her sister’s evil spells, and so Nullipore agreed. She took her magic wand and cast the spell, creating a bright and shining shield that glittered with a thousand stars.

From then on, Nullipore was the hero of the kingdom, and the people loved and respected her for using her magic for good. In return, she asked for nothing more than their loyalty, and so the people gave her that gladly.

However, Adipore was jealous of her sister and wanted to prove that she was powerful too. One day, she cast an evil spell on the kingdom’s people, using her magic to turn them into creatures of the night. The people were frightened and called on Nullipore for help, and the benevolent witch used her magic to break the spell.

Afterwards, Nullipore warned the people never to let their guard down, for Adipore was still out there, waiting for her chance to strike. She also reminded them to always be grateful for the protection they had, which was a gift from her and her magical shield.

The people of the kingdom took Nullipore’s words to heart and lived in peace and harmony, free from Adipore’s evil spells forevermore.

Moral: Be grateful for the protection you have been given, no matter if it comes from those around you or a magical force, for it may be the only thing that protects you from the evil in the world.

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