Once upon a time there was a young man called Noteless. He was a good lad but he had one problem; he couldn’t remember anything. He was always forgetting his homework, leaving important documents at home and he was never able to commit anything to memory.

One day Noteless was walking down the street when he noticed a strange old man standing in the shadows near the park. The old man was wearing a strange hat and he seemed to be watching Noteless intently. Noteless was curious so he stopped and asked the man what he was doing.

The old man said he wanted to teach Noteless a very important lesson. Noteless was intrigued and followed the old man to an abandoned building. Inside, the old man showed Noteless an ancient book full of blank pages. He said that these pages were his lessons, that he had written them all down long ago but had forgotten them.

The old man then asked Noteless if he could remember anything he wrote in the book. Noteless shook his head and said he couldn’t remember anything. The old man nodded and said that was because Noteless hadn’t written anything down. He said that if Noteless wanted to remember something, he had to write it down. He said that was the key to success, whether it was learning a new language, memorizing a speech or studying for an exam.

Noteless thanked the old man and left the abandoned building full of determination. From then on, Noteless always wrote down important information. He kept notebooks full of notes and made sure to review them regularly.

Noteless eventually became successful and remembered every detail. He had learned a valuable lesson that day and it stayed with him throughout his life.

Moral of the story: Writing down important information is the key to success.

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