Once upon a time, there was a girl named Amy. She was a very creative and artistic child. She loved to draw, paint, doodle, and create. One day her grandfather gave her a package of special paper called “nonperforated”.

Amy opened the package and was excited to see the paper. It was thick and shiny, with little lines that ran the length of each sheet. She wouldn’t be able to make things with it like she usually did with regular paper, but that made it even more interesting.

Amy set to work with the new paper. She made all kinds of designs, animals, and people. She created castles and scenes of beauty that were beyond her usual imagination.

Suddenly, as she was finishing her work, the paper began to move and shift. It seemed to come alive in her hands and started to fold and shape itself.

Amy was amazed to see it form into boxes, cubes, and figures. She could make things with it that she could have never done with regular paper. She was proud of her newfound skill and the nonperforated paper was quickly becoming her new favorite thing.

Amy continued to use the paper for all of her projects. People were amazed at her creations and she was proud to show them off. She loved to show off her new skills and the paper was quickly becoming very special to her.

One day, Amy’s grandfather visited her and noticed her work with the paper. He asked her if she wanted to keep the package of nonperforated paper, and she happily agreed. Amy was so proud to have the package and she was excited to keep learning new things with it.

The moral of the story is that everyone has something special inside of them, and with a little help, they can discover and express it. Nonperforated paper taught Amy to be creative and to share her ideas with the world. Do not be afraid to explore and try something new- you never know what wonderful things you might find.

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