Once upon a time, there was a small village in the middle of the forest called Nonentres. It was a beautiful village surrounded by lush green hills and valleys, and it was home to a kind and gentle people.

The people of Nonentres were very content and happy with their village and the kind of life they had. They had no ambition to grow or expand, they were content with what they had and that was enough for them.

One day, however, a stranger came to town and changed everything. His name was Oswald and he was a very ambitious man. He had heard stories of the riches and wonders of the world beyond Nonentres and wanted to experience it himself.

Oswald explained to the people of Nonentres that he wanted to journey to the outside world and urged them to come along with him. The people were hesitant at first, for they had no ambition and were frightened by the unknown.

But Oswald was a very convincing man and he was able to convince some of the people of Nonentres to come along with him. They sold their possessions and packed their bags and embarked on a long journey to the outside world.

At first, it was a difficult and frightening journey. But with Oswald’s guidance, the people of Nonentres eventually made it and were able to explore and experience the wonders of the outside world. They were amazed by the sights and sounds and experiences they encountered, and they soon became accustomed to the life beyond the village.

But with every journey, there comes an end. And eventually, the people of Nonentres had to return home. When they arrived, they were welcomed with open arms by their friends and family. But they also brought something else with them.

They brought ambition. They had seen the world beyond their village and they wanted to bring some of its wonders back home with them. They began to build roads and bridges and buildings, and before long, the small village of Nonentres was transformed into a thriving and vibrant town.

The people of Nonentres had achieved something wonderful. They had ventured out into the unknown and returned with knowledge and ambition. They had taken a chance, and it had paid off.

Moral of the story: Push your boundaries, take a chance, and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

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