Once upon a time, there was a small village located in the mountains of Northern India. It was a peaceful place where everyone lived in harmony, respecting each other’s differences.

In this village lived a boy named Akash. He was an intelligent and kind boy who was often seen helping his family and neighbors with their daily chores. Akash was known for his good deeds and was loved and respected by all.

One day, the village was visited by a group of strangers. They were from a distant land and had a unique culture and way of life. The villagers were fascinated by them and welcomed them with open arms.

The strangers stayed in the village for many weeks and soon became part of the community. They brought great joy and laughter to the village with their stories and music.

Soon, however, the villagers started to notice a strange thing- the strangers seemed to favor one group of people more than another. Whenever they visited a home, they brought gifts for one particular group but not the others.

While the villagers were puzzled by this strange behavior, Akash was the one to ask the question that no one else had the courage to. He bravely asked the strangers why they showed favoritism to one group and not the others.

The strangers were taken aback by his boldness but eventually, they confessed their secret. They were from the same tribe as the favored group and felt it was their duty to show favoritism to their own kind.

The villagers were outraged at the strangers’ behavior and were about to punish them for their discrimination when Akash stepped up and reminded them of the importance of non-discrimination and treating everyone equally. He persuaded them to forgive the strangers and welcomed them back into the community.

The villagers accepted Akash’s wise advice and embraced the strangers into their village once again. They no longer showed any favoritism and everyone was treated equally.

The moral of the story is that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their color, race, religion or any other differences. Discrimination of any kind is wrong and can cause a lot of harm. So, we must all strive to be kind and accept each other with open arms.

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