Once upon a time, there lived a mother and her son, who was named Tom. Tom was a bright young boy, but he had one big problem – he had a tendency to not show up for important events. Whenever there were school assemblies, holidays, or dances, Tom would be one of many students who would be absent.

So, his mother decided to take action. She set up a private meeting with Tom and explained to him the importance of being present in important events. She told him that missing out on such occasions would be a reflection of his character. She also told him that non-attendance is rude and disrespectful, as much time and effort has gone into planning the event.

Tom agreed to his mother’s words and promised to change his ways. But, alas, nothing changed and Tom kept missing out on important events. His mother became increasingly worried and events such as holidays and assemblies became a source of conflict between the two.

One day, the school organised a field trip to a nearby national park and once again, Tom was one of the students who did not turn up. His mother was very cross and decided to take him to the park the next day.

When they reached the park, Tom was in for a surprise. He was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and how each and every inch was full of nature. The birds were singing and the trees were swaying with the breeze. Tom sat under a tree and started to appreciate the beauty of nature for the first time.

The most important lesson, however, was the one that Tom learned that day. He realizied that the most important thing in life was to be present and value special moments. From that day on, he started to attend important events and appreciated all the small moments that life had to offer.

The lesson of the story is that life is too short and we should always be present to cherish the little moments that life has to offer. We should never take the people and occasions that are important to us for granted. When we miss out on such events, we miss out on some of the most precious moments of our lives.

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