Nitramine was a little rabbit who had big dreams of becoming a magician but no matter how hard he tried to make things happen, nothing ever did. He thought that he would never be able to make his dreams come true.

One day, while out in the woods on a walk, Nitramine noticed a strange glimmering light in the distance. He decided to investigate further and as he approached, he saw a magical box.

When Nitramine opened the box, he discovered a small tin canister inside. The canister was filled with a strange, anonymous, purple dust. With the canister in hand, he was excited and hurried home.

When he got home, Nitramine put the canister on the kitchen counter and tried to figure out what the mysterious dust was. He decided to sprinkle a tiny bit of it on the kitchen table, just to test it out. To his surprise, the dust began to sparkle and float.

Nitramine quickly realized that this was no ordinary dust; it was nitramine, a magical powder with amazing power. Nitramine quickly began to experiment with the powder, and soon discovered that he could do some incredible things with it.

With practice, Nitramine began to amaze his family and friends. He could make objects levitate and appear and disappear with a snap of his fingers. He could even make himself fly through the air like a bird.

Nitramine was ecstatic, he finally had the powers he had dreamed of. Everyone around him was mesmerized by his magical feats and Nitramine enjoyed the attention. He soon began to perform bigger and more elaborate tricks.

One day, while performing an act with a large fountain, Nitramine forgot some of the safety protocols and the fountain began to spin out of control. Nitramine, in a panicked state, tried to stop the fountain, but the magical power of the nitramine was too strong.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but Nitramine was embarrassed at his mistake. The crowd was disappointed and Nitramine felt terrible.

He realized then that with great power, comes great responsibility. He was happy that he had achieved his goal of becoming a magician, but he was also humbled by the experience.

Nitramine had learned a valuable lesson from this experience; that power should never be abused and that it should always be used responsibly.

Moral: With great power comes great responsibility.

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