Once upon a time there was a little boy named Nappy. Nappy was a very independent and creative little boy. He was quite mischievous, but he was also very kind and had a heart of gold.

One day, Nappy went to the local store to buy some new clothes. He was very excited and he couldn’t wait to get home to show off his new purchases. But when he arrived at the store, he realized he’d forgotten his money! He was very disappointed and thought he would just have to leave without buying anything.

But then, a kind old woman approached him and offered to buy his items. She said she wanted to help him out in his time of need. Nappy was so excited and very grateful for her kindness.

The old woman bought him some new shoes, a pair of jeans and a brand new shirt. She then asked Nappy if he had a nappy. Nappy was very embarrassed and he admitted that he didn’t have one. Without hesitation, the old woman reached into her pocket and pulled out one of her own nappies that she had saved for her own children in the past. She said, “here, take this. It’s my gift to you, just make sure you take good care of it”.

Nappy was so thankful and he thanked the old woman for her kindness. He returned home and proudly displayed his new clothes and nappy.

From that day onward, whenever Nappy would look at his nappy, he would remember the woman’s kind act of compassion. He determined that he wanted to live a life of kindness and do random acts of kindness for others, just like the woman had done for him.

Moral of the story: Kindness always pays off. One act of kindness can go a long way and make a difference in someone’s life.

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