Once upon a time there lived a small village near a dense forest. In the forest lived a strange creature, called Mutilla. No one in the village had ever seen it, but they did know of its existence.

Mutilla was known to be a kind and helpful creature, but it also had a strange quirk – it was incredibly shy. Whenever anyone tried to approach it, it would quickly retreat and hide in its little cave.

One day, an old man from the village decided to take a chance and approach Mutilla. The old man had heard of the creatures helpful nature and wanted to ask for its help. He slowly crept up to the entrance of Mutilla’s cave and called out to it.

At first, there was no response, but after a few minutes of waiting, Mutilla slowly emerged from its cave. It seemed as if it had been waiting for the old man to come and ask for help.

The old man started to explain his problem to Mutilla – his daughter had been kidnapped by bandits and he needed help to get her back. Mutilla listened intently and agreed to help the old man.

Mutilla told the old man that he could provide him with a magical potion that would give him the strength and power to rescue his daughter. The old man thanked Mutilla and quickly ran off to prepare for the rescue mission.

The next day, the old man set out with the magical potion given to him by Mutilla. He was able to rescue his daughter and using the magical potion, he was able to escape the bandits without a scratch.

The old man and his daughter went back to their village and were met with cheers from all of their neighbours. They thanked Mutilla for his help, but the creature had already gone back to its little cave, never to be seen again.

The moral of the story is that even the meekest of creatures can do great things if given the opportunity. Mutilla was too shy to show itself to the old man, but it still helped him in his time of need. Never be afraid to reach out and help others – you never know the greatness you can achieve.

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