Once upon a time, there lived a kind-hearted boy named Muran. He was always striving to do the right thing and had lots of friends who admired his good nature. Unfortunately, Muran was often taken advantage of by his friends, but he never minded or resented them for it. He was simply happy to be among them and help out whenever he could.

One day, Muran found himself walking through the local park when he stumbled across a group of boys. They were playing a game called “king of the hill.” At first, Muran did not want to join them, but they were persistent and eventually convinced him to give it a try. So, he climbed to the top of the hill, determined to become the king.

Unfortunately, Muran was no match for his competition. The boys were better and stronger than he was and they used this to their advantage. After a few minutes, Muran was pushed off the hill and the boys could no longer take advantage of him.

Muran was angry and embarrassed. He wanted to show those boys that he was more than just their toy. He wanted to prove them wrong and show them that he had the power to be a leader. So, he ran back to the hill and climbed to the top. This time, he was prepared. He threatened the boys and refused to be pushed off again. Suddenly, the boys realized that Muran had become their leader and everyone followed his orders.

Although Muran was satisfied that he had finally shown the boys who was boss, he knew that it was wrong to use his power to bully them. He realized that true leadership meant setting a good example and showing respect for others. Therefore, he decided to use his newfound authority for the greater good. He organized the boys into teams and showed them how to play fair and sportsmanlike games.

The boys were amazed by Muran’s transformation. They had previously seen him as weak and timid, but now they realized that he was strong-willed and positive. Muran had proven to them that he was a true leader.

Moral: True leadership is not about domination or bullying, but rather setting an example of fairness and respect.

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