Once upon a time, there was a small village in the woods. The village was filled with kind and friendly people, and everyone looked out for one another. One day, a mysterious man appeared in the village. He wore a long black cloak with a hood and seemed to be carrying something.

The villagers were very curious and asked the man what he was doing there. The man told them that he was a mystic and had come to bring them a message of warning. He told them that danger was coming and that they needed to prepare.

The villagers were scared but the man told them not to worry. He instructed them to build a wall around the village and to stock up on food and supplies. He also said they should arm themselves and be prepared to defend the village if they were attacked.

The villagers did as the man said and soon their wall was finished and they were fully prepared for the coming danger. One night, a large band of bandits descended on the village. They had heard of the village’s wealth and were determined to take it for themselves.

The villagers were ready for them, however. They had built the wall and had armed themselves. They were able to fight off the bandits and keep their village safe.

The man in the cloak had been right; his warning had saved the village from destruction. The villagers thanked him for his wisdom and foresight and asked him to stay with them forever. The man smiled and said he had other places to be and that he would never forget them.

The villagers never saw the man in the cloak again, but they remembered his message of caution. They knew that the world was a dangerous place, but they also knew that they could be prepared and defend themselves if necessary.

Moral: It is important to be prepared, think ahead and take caution in order to protect yourself and those you care about.

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