Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Mollie in a small village by the sea. She was a happy and playful little girl who enjoyed playing with her friends in the village and collecting seashells on the beach.

One day, Mollie and her friends decided to go on a picnic to the nearby woods. As the sun was setting, they decided to return home, but to their dismay, they discovered that their way back home was blocked by a wild boar. Though they were afraid, Mollie bravely stepped forward and tried to convince the boar to let them pass. She reasoned with the boar and gradually calmed him down. After a long conversation, the boar finally agreed to move away and leave the path open for them.

The children thanked the boar for letting them pass and went back home, safe and sound. Mollie was praised by her friends and parents for her bravery and cleverness in using mollification to resolve the situation.

Ever since that day, Mollie and her friends made sure to practice mollification whenever they faced a difficult situation. Whenever they faced a problem, they would calmly and patiently try to resolve it talking it through, instead of rushing into battle. This not only helped them maintain a harmonious relationship with their peers, but also brought them peace of mind and comfort.

Moral of the story: Mollification is an effective way of resolving conflicts and keeping peace. Patience and understanding can go a long way in bringing two sides together.

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