Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named James. He was a curious person and always wanted to try out something new. One day, he saw an advertisement for a toy car in the newspaper and decided to buy it without even asking his parents. Without wasting a second, he went to the nearest toy store and bought it using all his pocket money.

The moment he brought the car back home, he was ecstatic and could not wait to show it to his parents. His father was impressed but his mother was not so pleased with him because he had not asked for their permission before buying it. She scolded him for mispurchasing the toy car without even understanding its features.

James felt very guilty and did not know what to do. He was scared that now his parents would not trust him anymore. He decided to talk to his parents and explain to them how he felt. He told them that how he was excited to buy something new and ended up mispurchasing something that they didn’t approve of. His parents listened to him and realized that it was only because of his enthusiasm and curiosity that he mispurchased the toy car.

They appreciated him for being honest and understanding how his mistake affected them, as well as sympathizing with him. They explained to him that mistakes are part of life and we can learn from them. They advised him that from now on, he should always seek permission before making any big purchases and to always think carefully before taking any decision.

Finally, James realized his mistake and the importance of seeking permission before taking any decision. He was thankful to his parents for understanding him and teaching him a valuable lesson.

Moral of the story: It is important to think carefully before taking any decision and to seek permission before making major purchases.

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