Once upon a time, there lived an 8-year-old boy named Misdo. He was always getting into trouble. He would often cause trouble at school, and his parents were often frustrated with him.

Misdo was a very active child and never seemed to enjoy sitting still in class. Even though he was smart, he often found himself disrupting class and causing problems. His poor behaviour was really starting to worry his parents and they were at a loss as to what to do with him.

One day a wise teacher came to the school. She made a deal with all of the students in the class – she said that if anyone could behave well for one week, she would give them a special surprise. Naturally, all the students, including Misdo, were interested in what the surprise would be.

After a week had passed, all the students who had managed to be on their best behaviour all week had earned the surprise. It was a golden cup filled with sweets! Of course, Misdo was not among those students. But when the wise teacher saw this, she felt sorry for him and decided to give him the cup of sweets as well.

Misdo was so happy and immediately ran home to show his parents what he had earned. His parents could not believe what he had done and were so proud of him. They hugged him and thanked the wise teacher for helping Misdo understand the importance of behaving oneself and the rewards that come with doing so.

By following his heart and listening to the wise teacher, Misdo had managed to gain something that money could not even buy – the respect and fear of his parents.

Moral – Respect and fear of your parents can be won by behaving yourself, and the rewards can be much greater than anything money can buy.

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