Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Tom. Tom was a good student and a kind-hearted child. He had many friends in his school and was loved by all.

One day, Tom was walking with his friend Mary. Mary was telling him a joke, which Tom didn’t understand. So, he asked Mary to explain it. Mary told him the joke again, but Tom still didn’t get it. Mary thought Tom was teasing her and started to cry. Not wanting to hurt his friend, Tom tried to explain why he was asking. But the more he tried to clarify, the angrier Mary became.

Tom, in his innocence, was surprised at his friend’s reaction and asked her what was wrong. Mary, in her confusion and anger, accused Tom of being mean to her. She told him he was trying to make fun of her and not taking her seriously.

Tom was shocked by her words and started to back away from her. Tears were flowing from his eyes as he ran from the scene.

The next day, Mary saw Tom in school and felt guilty for her actions. She realized that she had misconstrued Tom’s actions and apologized to him for misunderstanding. Tom accepted her apology and the two of them reconciled.

The moral of this story is not to jump to conclusions without all the facts. Misconceptions can lead to misunderstandings, which can cause hurt feelings and damage relationships. It is always best to listen to the other person carefully and give them a chance to explain themselves before deciding on a course of action. That way, it is easier to discover the truth and avoid unnecessary conflict.

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