Once upon a time, there lived an eight-year-old boy called Millioersted. He was an orphan and lived in the outskirts of the small city of Celta. Millioersted was always a curious and brave boy who loved to explore his surroundings.

One day, Millioersted heard of a magical pond at the edge of the forest near the city. According to the rumors, whoever threw a penny into the pond, a wish would be granted. Curious and somewhat desperate for help, Millioersted decided to go to the pond and give it a try.

When he arrived at the pond, he was in disbelief. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw the shimmering waters reflecting the light of the moon. He was overwhelmed with emotion and tears started flowing down his cheeks.

The next morning, Millioersted went back to the pond. He carefully picked a penny from his pocket and threw it into the pond. He wished that one day, he would have enough food and shelter and be able to go to school like all the other kids. And then, he started walking back home, hoping something magical would happen.

The next day, when Millioersted went to the pond for the second time, he was in for a surprise. There was a woman standing right in front of him. She smiled and said, “I heard your wish and I am here to help you.” The woman told him that she was a kind fairy and she was impressed by his courage and optimism.

She gave him a magical bag that would never be empty. Every day, he would find something useful in it, like food, money, and clothes. The fairy also granted him another wish – to be able to go to school.

The fairy disappeared as quickly as she came, leaving behind a beaming Millioersted.

Millioersted kept the magical bag with him and never wore it out. Little by little, he was able to buy all the things that he needed for his studies. Soon, he got admission in the school and started studying with the other children.

Millioersted was also courageous enough to make friends in school who, in turn, helped him find his confidence and courage.

Millioersted soon graduated from school with the highest marks in his class. All of the people in town, including his teachers, were very proud of him and the work he had done.

Moral: No matter what difficult situation you are in, always have faith in yourself and be courageous enough to go after your dreams.

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