Once upon a time, there lived a poor farmer named Meteyard and his family in a small village. He worked day and night to make ends meet, but despite all his hard work, he and his family never had enough.

One day, Meteyard was walking through the countryside when he saw a mysterious old man who seemed to be staring at him. Meteyard was intrigued and decided to speak to the old man.

The old man said that he could make all of Meteyard’s dreams come true. All he had to do was agree to let the old man take care of his family’s financial needs in exchange for a piece of land on his property.

Meteyard was hesitant at first, but he decided to trust the old man and agreed to his deal.

The next day, Meteyard was astonished by what he saw. On his property was a large magical meadow formed out of pure gold.

Meteyard couldn’t believe it and immediately began to get to work. He planted crops and sold them for a hefty profit. Very soon, Meteyard and his family were living in luxury.

Everyone in the village was envious of Meteyard’s transformation and tried to figure out how he had suddenly become so lucky. When no one could figure it out, rumors began to spread that Meteyard had made a deal with the devil.

No matter how hard Meteyard tried to convince people that he hadn’t made a deal with the devil, the rumors only continued to grow.

Eventually, Meteyard realized that he had strayed too far from his humble beginnings and decided to give his meadow away to the poor. Without the meadow, Meteyard returned to his previous financial situation, but he was much happier.

Moral: Money can’t buy happiness. It is better to remain humble and generous than to become greedy and focused on material things.

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