Once upon a time, there was a small town on the outskirts of a larger city. This small town was once known for its thriving industry, but times had changed and the town was slowly dying. Many of the town’s residents had lost their jobs and had taken to living off the land, struggling to make ends meet.

One day, a mysterious stranger came to town and he promised to bring the town back to life. The stranger was a man named Metallize. He had an unusual power – the power to transform any material into a machine!

Metallize set up shop in an old abandoned warehouse in the center of town and began to work. Everyone in town was eager to see what he could do, and soon Metallize began to transform mundane objects into intricate machines. Carpenters were amazed at how he could turn a simple log into a sturdy chair, and cooks delighted in the way he could make a dull knife into a sharp blade. Everywhere Metallize went, the people of the town marveled at his creations.

Metallize soon became a hero in the town, and soon his work was celebrated. He transformed the dying town into a bustling center of industry, and everyone was soon enjoying the benefits of Metallize’s creations. The town once again became a thriving community, and everyone was forever grateful to Metallize for his amazing work.

But Metallize’s achievements came with a cost. He began to act more and more like a machine, forgetting his humanity and the fact that he was responsible for the happiness of the people around him. He treated them like robots, making them feel like all of his efforts were for nothing. As Metallize’s behavior deteriorated, people began to turn away from him and become resentful of his work. They felt he had taken away their right to choose and enjoy life on their own terms.

In the end, Metallize realized the error of his ways. He had neglected the importance of human connection and he vowed to never forget it again. He used his powers to help people in need and to make the world a better place.

Moral of the story: We should always remember the importance of human connection, as it is essential to a healthy and productive society. We should never forget that we are responsible for the happiness of those around us, and that our actions can have a lasting impact on the lives of others.

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