Once upon a time, there was a village full of children. All of them were happy, energetic and full of life. They were like little bundles of joy, always running around and playing. One day, an old wizard came to the village and told the children that he could grant them one wish each.

The children were ecstatic and couldn’t believe their luck. Each of them made a wish and were soon transformers into something else. Little Timmy was the first to be transformed. He wished for knowledge and suddenly he was filled with intelligence beyond his years. He could read and write fluently, solve complex problems and understand the most difficult concepts.

Little Emily wished for courage and suddenly she was not only brave but also strong. She could take on any challenge and face it head-on. While the other children watched in awe, she climbed the tallest mountain in the area and made friends with the wild animals there.

The other children also gained special abilities. Of course, they were all delighted with the gifts they had been given. They began to call these gifts ‘mentimutation’, for they were the result of their mental mutation.

Soon, the children were using their powers to help the people in the village. They used their knowledge to solve problems, their courage to stand up for what was right and their strength to do physical labour. The villagers were very thankful for their help and the children became celebrated heroes in their community.

One day, the old wizard returned to the village and told the children that they must now use their gifts responsibly. They must not use them to hurt or manipulate people or to gain something for themselves. They must use their powers to make the world a better place.

The children nodded in agreement and understood the importance of keeping their powers in check. From that day onwards, they used their abilities only to help others and make the world a better place.

Moral: With great power comes great responsibility. We must always use our gifts wisely and for the greater good.

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