Once upon a time there lived a marsupite named Gribbles, who lived in a small cave in the Northern Woods of Norway. Gribbles was a small, furry creature with a pouch on his back. While Gribbles was small and timid, he was also very brave and adventurous.

Gribbles had always been curious about the world outside his small cave, and one day he decided to set out and explore the world. He packed some of his favorite snacks and hopped on his trusty bike and peddled off.

Gribbles soon found himself in the city, but he was overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of it all. Everywhere he looked, people were in a hurry, racing to and fro and barely even noticed his presence. Gribbles felt a bit scared and alone.

But as he continued to explore the city, Gribbles did find a few friendly faces. One of these friendly faces was a woman named Daisy, who welcomed Gribbles into her home and treated him like family. With Daisy’s help and kindness, Gribbles soon felt more comfortable and confident about exploring the city.

One day, Daisy took Gribbles on a grand tour of the city. As they walked, Daisy pointed out all the different shops, buildings, and landmarks. Gribbles was mesmerized by all the new sights and sounds.

They eventually came upon a small park, where Gribbles noticed some children playing together. He watched them intently as they laughed, darted around, and enjoyed each other’s company. Something inside Gribbles stirred and he felt an unfamiliar warmth radiating from his stomach. He realized in that moment how much he longed for companionship.

Gribbles then made a decision: he was going to find his own group of friends! He told Daisy his plan and she offered to help him make it a reality. With Daisy’s assistance, Gribbles soon had a group of his own. He and his new friends enjoyed playing together, sharing stories and snacks, and Gribbles finally felt like he belonged.

The moral of this story is that it’s never too late to find companionship and make new friends. Even when things seem scary, there’s always something good that can come from stepping out of your comfort zone. With courage and a bit of help from others, you can discover the beauty in the world and create relationships that can last a lifetime.

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