Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, lived a young girl named Maravi. Maravi lived in a small village with her family and she had a special connection with the earth around her. She could feel the grass between her toes as she ran through the meadows, the sun on her face and the wind in her hair, she was free and full of endless possibilities.

Maravi was an innocent and gentle soul, but she had a great sense of adventure and love for nature. Whenever she could, she would sneak out of the village and explore the nearby forests and mountains. She was always in awe of the beauty of the wild and all the creatures that called it home. She loved to observe and listen to the birds, the squirrels and the other animals who made the woods their home in this corner of the kingdom.

One day, as Maravi was exploring the nearby forest, she stumbled across a clearing full of beautiful, vibrant wildflowers. She had never seen anything so beautiful before, and it immediately made her heart swell with joy. She ran over to the clearing and picked some of the flowers, quickly weaving them into a crown and placing it atop her head. Suddenly, she felt like a queen, with the power to do anything she wished!

But as she stood atop her new found kingdom, a voice from nearby made her jump. It was a witch, and she was angered at seeing Maravi defile her special place. Maravi was terrified and quickly apologized to the witch, who then revealed to her why she was so mad. This clearing was not only a place of special beauty, but also a refuge for those in need. Animals, birds, and humans alike were all welcome here in the clearing, regardless of race or class.

The witch spoke of how we all need a place of refuge, a place of safety and peace, where we can go when life gets tough. Maravi understood and loved the message the witch was conveying, and she vowed to never forget it. She thanked the witch and ran all the way back to her village, eager to spread the message of refuge to those she cared about.

Maravi spent the rest of her life trying to make the world a more peaceful, accepting place. Everywhere she went, she spread the message of refuge and compassion the witch had first taught her. Maravi was a reminder to us all to never forget the importance of having a safe place to go, and to always offer refuge and compassion to those in need.

The moral of Maravi’s story is that in life, it is important to create a safe place for ourselves and for others where we can find solace, peace and happiness. Only through understanding and kindness towards one another can we hope to create a caring, compassionate and accepting world.

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