Once upon a time in a far-off land, a small village was filled with many children running around and playing. But one child was different from all the other kids, his name was Add. He was a magnificently gifted child with sharp skills and a sharp mind. He excelled in everything he put his hands to, but he was still mocked for his intelligence and looked at with suspicion.

Add’s parents were struggling to make ends meet, so he had to take up odd jobs to help support his family. He could do anything from mending clothes to making handicrafts and carpentry. Whenever he came home from work, he would still manage to find some time to read and study so he could keep up with his studies.

One day, Add was on one of his errands when he stumbled upon a traveling scholar. The scholar was impressed with Add’s intelligence and offered to take him under his wing as an apprentice. Add was overjoyed and eagerly accepted the offer.

The scholar took Add on many adventures, teaching him various skills and even introducing him to the secrets of the universe. With the knowledge he was gaining, Add was soon able to do amazing things like heal people, solve complex puzzles and invent new things.

One day, Add and the scholar were on their way to a village when they were set upon by a group of bandits. The scholar was unable to defend himself, but Add leapt into the fray with ease. He managed to fight off the bandits with his superior skills, and the villagers were so impressed that they offered him a job.

Add gratefully accepted the offer. He worked hard and used the skills he learned from the scholar to help the village. Before long, he was elected as the village headman and he became a beloved figure in the community.

The moral of the story is that it is never too late to learn. No matter how old or young you are, knowledge is the key to success. With an open mind and a willing heart, you can accomplish anything.

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