Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a young girl named Madrona. She was a very kind and generous child who had an insatiable curiosity for life and all its wonders.

Madrona’s parents were quite well off, and so she had the privilege to visit many exciting places. One day, Madrona heard about a beautiful lake located on the other side of the mountain. She decided to visit it and set off on her journey.

Unfortunately, the way up the mountain was quite treacherous and Madrona soon found herself lost. As the days passed, she grew more and more frightened as she felt like she was being followed by some unknown force. Finally, after several days, Madrona stumbled upon a small village.

The townspeople welcomed her with open arms and offered her food and shelter. The villagers began to tell Madrona stories about an old and wise witch called Madrona, who lived in a small hut deep in the forest.

The townspeople told Madrona that the wise witch was known to answer questions, so Madrona decided to visit her. After a long journey, Madrona finally arrived at the witch’s hut. Madrona asked the witch why she had been so fearful on her journey and how she could find the beautiful lake.

The witch replied, “You were scared because you did not understand the power of nature. The lake is a symbol of life’s beauty and if you embrace the beauty that lies within nature, you will find the courage to face your fears.”

Madrona thanked the witch for her words of wisdom and returned to the village. She no longer felt scared and soon discovered the beautiful lake.

Moral of the story:

Nature is full of beauty and wonder and if we embrace it, we can find the courage to face our fears.

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