Once upon a time there was a Madagascarian boy named Arya. He was just like any other boy his age, except for his one special trait. You see, Arya was an expert artist. He was constantly busy drawing and creating beautiful works of art. He was so talented that everyone in his village was in awe of him.

One day, while out gathering supplies with his mother, Arya noticed a beautiful butterfly. It was so eye-catching, with its deep green wings and orange spots on its lower wings. Brimming with excitement, Arya ran off to get a pencil and paper so he could capture it on paper.

For hours Arya worked on the drawing, and when he was finally done, it looked just like the butterfly he saw. He was so proud of himself; he had captured the butterfly’s beauty and uniqueness perfectly.

Arya showed the drawing to his mother, who was so impressed she hung it up in the family’s home for everyone to see. The boy was so proud of himself, and the villagers were amazed by his talent.

One day, as he was playing in his village, Arya noticed something strange. All of the adults were talking about something in a hushed tone, but Arya was too small to understand. But one thing was for certain, all of the adults were worried.

Finally, his mother explained the situation. Apparently, the adults of the village were worried that a foreign visitor had come to the village. They heard stories of how this foreign visitor was stealing artwork from villages all over Madagascar, and they feared that Arya’s drawing of the butterfly might be stolen too.

Arya was heartbroken and scared. He loved his artwork and didn’t want it to be stolen. But instead of giving in to fear, Arya painted a protective ward around his drawing. Every night he would paint a new ward, watching over his beloved artwork.

Days went by, but the foreign visitor never came. Though the adults of the village where still on alert, Arya began to relax. He had been brave enough to face danger and protect his artwork, and he was glad that he had.

In the end, Arya’s bravery taught him the importance of protecting something you love. It also showed him that strength comes from protecting what is important to you, even when times are uncertain.

Moral of the story: We must protect the things we love, even when times may be uncertain.

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