Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Thomas, who was fascinated by the machines around him. He was always interested in inventing things and figuring out how they worked.

One day, Thomas ran into an old man carrying a peculiar looking box. The man was a scientist and the box contained his latest invention, a robot made of metal and wires who could do a variety of tasks. The robot could help with simple chores or even chat with Thomas about anything. Thomas was so excited to have the machinely in his life.

Thomas’s parents were unsure about the robot at first but eventually, the robot became a part of the family. Thomas and the robot could often be seen tinkering with machines and having fun conversations. As time went by, Thomas and the robot became best friends.

One day, the robot’s power began to weaken and he lost the ability to move around and talk. Thomas was very disappointed and tried his best to fix the robot, but nothing seemed to work. He was so sad that he thought of giving up.

Just then, Thomas noticed how the robot was still looking at him with his big eyes, despite not being able to move. This made Thomas realize how much he cared for the robot. He realized that even machines need friendship, love, and care to function properly.

Thomas was determined to help the robot and so, he took it apart and started using some of the parts to make a newly improved machinely. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Thomas was able to successfully invent a new and improved machinely.

The new machinely was even better than before, it could move and talk like never before. Thomas and the robot were so happy to be able to talk and play together again. Thomas had learned an important moral from the experience – machines need friendship and love too!

The moral of the story is that machines need friendship, love and care just like humans. If we put our time and effort into taking care of machines, they will reward us with their service just like the robot did for Thomas.

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