Once upon a time, there lived a small frog named Luciferin. He lived in a pond far away from the city, surrounded by lush green grass and bright flowers. But despite the beauty of his environment, Luciferin was quite unhappy with his life.

He was an ordinary frog and didn’t have much to look forward to. He was no larger or better looking than any of his neighbors and his talents seemed to be average as well. He didn’t have any special skills, talents or abilities and spent most of his time just hopping around in the pond and idling away his days.

One day, Luciferin heard a voice coming from the sky. It said, “If you want to be special, you must try hard to make it happen”. Hearing this, Luciferin decided that he would try to make something of himself. From then on, he started to work and train more than ever before. He tried to become the best swimmer and the most agile jumper that he could be.

He worked hard day and night and slowly but surely, he started to make improvements. Before long, Luciferin was no longer an ordinary frog. He had become the best swimmer and the most agile jumper in the pond. Everyone around him was in awe of his talent and skill.

But even though Luciferin had become extraordinary, he still felt incomplete. He realized that even if he was the best in his pond, he still hadn’t achieved anything that would be recognized outside of it. And so, he decided to continue striving for greater things.

Luciferin kept up his hard work and every day, he got better and better. His skill and talent spread far and wide and soon, he had become famous all over the world. Everyone wanted to see the amazing frog from the little pond.

And yet, despite the fame and glory Luciferin had achieved, he still felt something was missing. Then one day, he heard the voice coming from the sky again. “You have become extraordinary,” it said. “But it’s not about being the best. It’s about becoming your best self and helping others around you.”

This time, Luciferin understood what he had to do. He decided to use his extraordinary talent and skills to help and inspire others. He spent his time teaching others and giving them advice and helping them reach their own potential.

The moral of Luciferin’s story is that it is not enough to just become extraordinary. You must strive to be the best version of yourself and use your talents to help and inspire others. You must use your skills to make a difference in the world around you. That is what it means to be extraordinary.

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